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Exchange Place / Jersey City

Schedule Your free Fitness Assessment Now!

This is the initial step in developing an exercise program that is tailored to your unique fitness level. You will be guided thru a variety of exercises to test your balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall biomechanical efficiency. Training sessions will take place at the client's location, such as their home or building's gym, in the Exchange Place area of Jersey City.



Train with a purpose!

This training will challenge your mind and body like nothing else before! My total-body integration approach will not only get you to burn extra calories, you will also improve many other attributes within your fitness profile, such as posture, balance, focus, strength, power, flexibility and movement efficiency. You will leave every session feeling energized, focused and much more limber and relaxed.


"Our boxing sessions are so much fun! I've learned so much about self-defense and am a lot stronger because of this training. Highly recommend!"

-Lisa M.

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Have any questions? Feel free to message me anytime. My mission as a Personal Trainer is to create a personalized fitness program that delivers the results you want. Let's start building the new YOU!