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Lose Weight!
Get Fit!
Become Strong, Lean, 
And Healthy!

Certified Personal Trainer

Andres Salazar

Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer
Since 2011


Train with Andres and be guided through a workout routine unique to your goals and current fitness level. This training program will deliver results with extra benefits, such as:

-increased overall strength
-weight loss
-reduced joint pain
-improved mobility and flexibility
-increased energy
-improved posture

......just to name a few. 

Results are guaranteed with the accountability that comes with hiring an experienced professional and the peace of mind of knowing you're doing the exercises with a hyper-focus on the details of form and posture.



During this session, we will discuss your health history and fitness goals, as well as conduct a series of exercises to test different fitness attributes, such as mobility, flexibility, upper body strength, etc... This will be the foundation of your program, and will be continually re-assessed to track progress and motivate you to stay committed to finally achieving your fitness goals!

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Personal Training Results GUARENTEED!

"He helped me lose 40+ lbs, and build up a great physique. Technically skilled, and a diligent coach."  

​-Paul L.

"I've used muscles I never even knew I had! My strength has gone way up since we started training. The homework exercises were simple enough to keep me focused but challenging enough to break a good sweat."

-Terri L.

"I was already in pretty good shape and very active in sports before I met Andres. I felt like I wasn't making any more progress on my own so that' when we started. After 1 month I could definitely see a big difference in my physique and my performance in softball."

-Mark B.

" I used to think all trainers were the same. I would see trainers at the gym who seemed more interested in their phones than whether their clients were doing an exercise correctly or not. Andres is with me from beginning to end making sure I'm doing the exercise right. He brings a unique and effective brand of training. I feel comfortable working with such a knowledgeable personal trainer."

-Brandi D.

"I've worked with trainers before but none have had the same attention to detail like Andres. From the beginning of the session to the end, all of his attention is on making sure I'm performing each exercise correctly. It's a great feeling to know he's fully engaged during our workouts."

-Susan K.

"When we first started, I could barely do 5 push-ups. Now I do 15-20 at a time. The core and strength training was great and I liked the way we progressed. It was simple but very effective."

-Vicente C.

"I've been training with Andres since January. I feel stronger and am much leaner than when we first started. I would definitely recommend him!" 

-Becky S.

"I work in an office where I sit down most of the time and used to deal with back pain on a daily basis. But after working with Andres for 4 month, rigorous stretching, mind-body exercise and core strengthening routines,  the pain has stopped. I wish I knew about him sooner!"

-​Stephanie R.

"I'm motivated knowing that I'm working with a trainer who gives a damn! He's constantly making sure that I'm comfortable with the exercise and not overexerting myself. He also follows up after our sessions. His expertise plus empathy go a long way for me, and add value to the training."

-Jason K.

"I have accomplished more with Andres than I have working out on my own in the past few years. I'm so happy I hired him!"  

-Sandra G.

"All of our sessions are fun and intense! Completely drenched in sweat at the end of every workout."   

-Danielle C.

"Our boxing sessions are so much fun! I've learned so much about self-defense and am a lot stronger because of this training. Highly recommend!"

-Lisa M.


If you have any questions about personal training, please feel free to ask. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Andres Salazar

Certified Personal Trainer


Operating Hours

Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

6:00 am – 8:00 pm

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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